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Styles and Colors
Because all rugs are hand-woven, slight variations in patterns and color are possible.

Because all rugs are hand-woven, sizes listed are approximate. Slight variations are possible.

About The Fringe Connection

Our Products
Tabletop rugs to complement the décor of the well-appointed home!
Our oriental rugs are extremely fine quality hand-woven rugs created especially for The Fringe Connection in tabletop sizes. The process and yarns used give these 100% super worsted hand-spun wool rugs a feel that can be compared to wool-silk blend rugs. The wool yarns are woven onto a foundation of 100% cotton, and the rugs are finished with a cotton fringe.

Our Weavers in Pakistan
Pakistan is known worldwide for the beauty and quality of the oriental rugs produced in this region, and The Fringe Connection is pleased to have discovered these rug weavers located in a small village east of Islamabad.  Our adult rug weavers are unique in their love of the  craft and their desire to produce a product that exactly meets the needs of the buyers – hence the origin of the tabletop sizes not commonly available elsewhere.  Although they have signed-on to produce our small-sized specialty rugs, they also produce rugs in larger sizes, including room-sized rugs, and will custom weave for us any size rugs that our customers order.

Our weavers work with pride on traditional looms weaving rugs that are a fine quality. Mori rugs have a soft and tender feel and the sheen of the rug changes color from all dimensions when it is viewed. The patterns in Mori rugs are known as Mori Dabbi, Mori Bokhara, Mori Butterfly, Mori Saruk, and a few more. The Mori rugs are woven by the Ghiordes or Turkish knot and have 9/18 quality or 162 knots per square inch.

 Sotori (double knot) rugs are woven by the Senneh or Persian knot. These are stiffer than the Mori rugs, with a thicker and more compact pile.

Flatwoven rugs are referred to as keliems (or gelims), which is a Turkish word meaning prayer rug. They are made by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands to create a flat, pileless surface.

The Fringe Connection
The Fringe Connection is a subsidiary of Comprehensive Business Consultants, Inc., an international consulting company established in 1971. Its principals have been collectors of fine oriental rugs for more than thirty years, and in the early 80s, acquired a small number of very small rugs that they used for years as placemats. Our placemats always earned compliments from our guests and we have kept our eyes peeled for additional rugs of this size to add to our collection – but without luck until early in 2001 when we became acquainted with Amoon and Ghazala who are the principals of The Fringe Connection’s Pakistani rug connection. We met through mutual friends, and we eagerly learned of their rug-weaving business. We asked them if they would be able to weave these small-sized rugs for us – they had not done so previously, but acknowledged that this could be done, and after an exchange of communications, we received our new rug placemats. The rest – as the adage goes – is history!

Amoon’s and Ghazala’s weavers now are weaving quantities of small sized rugs for us to market to other discerning lovers of fine oriental rugs –to use on their tabletops or for other creative uses!
Due to our direct alliance with our weaver, we are also able to provide special order carpets in specific sizes, color, and patters.  These are 100% wool and wool/silk combinations, all hand-woven.
In addition to the Pakistani carpets that make up the majority of our rug sales, we also import Mori, Persian, Quom, Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, Naian, Bokhara and Central Asian carpets from nomadic tribes, in all sizes and colors.

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